Human-centered pedagogy

Interact with the French, whether they are traders, artisans or wine-growers ..., be curious about their lifestyle but also follow your natural impulse in the face of a range of activities: these are the missions of these workshops. Thanks to them, you will learn by discovering activities well anchored in the French terroir: shopping in a Périgord country house, tasting macaroons in Saint-Emilion, having a coffee spread in an old Bordeaux bistro ... Workshops to acquire linguistic, cultural and practical knowledge in the pleasure of discovery!

Sabine, your French language coach

Originally from Dordogne, I have been running short and / or medium-term training sessions in French as a foreign language since 2007 for tourists: these courses allow them to deepen their knowledge of the French language and civilization and to visit the Dordogne, Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne and a chouia from Charente!

Since my childhood, I have always loved reading, writing and listening to essays, articles, programs ... in French. Writing workshops, university course in letters then in FLE (French as a Foreign Language), I approached French from (almost) all angles. By becoming a FLE coach, I wish to transmit not only my knowledge of this language, but also my pleasure to communicate in writing and orally in French and to understand the French-speaking world (culture, society, etc.) in an epicurean way.

REACTIV pedagogy




Relation, Energy, Appreciate, Trust, Test, Intuition, Vibrate

Learning a foreign language is cerebral, as well as sensory, emotional. For your training, I take into consideration your personality, your motivations and your appetites, in order to establish a learning program in your image. REACTIV combines a communication approach, action perspective and caring education. It also places the learner facing his responsibilities: you will be invited to get involved in your learning process, to be active in your acquisitions of knowledge, knowing how to be, knowing how to do and knowing how to learn.


Develop your knowledge and your desires, allow you to take off: this is the reason for being French in freedom!