Dordogne becomes your french classroom !

On the program of your FLE stay:

place your desires and your objectives at the heart of the training, combine the theoretical approach to French with immersion modules, allow you to discover a French region known worldwide for its relaxed lifestyle while familiarizing yourself with the French language and culture .


Are you active, student, retired? Do you have a weekend? One week ? More ? Are you on vacation in the region and want to improve your French? Let yourself be tempted by le français en liberté!


They tried the adventure: Jane, Lucia, Eddy, Macha, John, Lizbeth, Slovoda, Julian, Mario ...

They are the best ambassadors of French in freedom!


Jane, 38, from New York : "The teaching method Sabine uses is great as it focuses on real-world situations and helps you build confidence to use the language right from the first day. She also addresses all the nuances between written and spoken French and helps to ensure you learn to speak as a native speaker would."


Karen, 42, from Melbourne : "Sabine was extremely patient and took great care in helping me build and craft a very solid and correct base of the french language, to the point where after 2 weeks of hard work from both of us I was able to speak and comprehend and had the confidence to put myself in almost any situation, mostly with great success. Sabine is patient and helped me to work on my language weakness. She has a good methodology and a nice way to teach. And has good tips about Nouvelle-Aquitaine and other places to visit/what to do."


Eddy, 51, from Reykjavik : "Sabine combines her passion for language with a genuine interest in all other cultures and peoples. She is extraordinarily welcoming, considerate and consistently warm. Nothing is ever too much trouble and her knowledge of Montpellier is encyclopedic – her love for the city and the region is very evident.. It was a short time but really great!"


Lucia, 26, from Barcelona : "El método de Sabina es muy efectivo, tomamos clases por dos horas durante una semana y al final de la misma pudimos tener pequeñas conversaciones. Las clases muy bien estructuradas con distinttos tipos de ejercicios. Lo pasamos muy bien, nos gustaría volver. Muchas gracias, Sabina!’


Macha, 65, from Moscow : "Спасибо за это пребывание, как информативное и туристическое ! Я научился делать хлеб и говорить по-французски. Я преодолел свой страх говорить и посетил виноградники. Необычное и захватывающее пребывание, которое позволило мне прогрессировать по-французски !"

A as...


Adaptability, accessability, accompaniment, adventure !



B as...


Best, bonus, break and bonjour la France ! 

C as...


 Conversation, clear, civilisation, culture !