You can choose your dates !




Content : your objectives depend on your needs and situation. I will adapt the course so that you reach your goals, focusing on listening and speaking. Your objectives depend on your specific needs and your situation – is it your aim to work through French in a professional context ? Or study in a local university ? Or perhaps you would like to be able to use the language for daily tasks in France ?


Setting : each session, you can discover a new location near my guest house. You can choose from a list of beautiful locations, such as tourists sites, cafés, gardens, and landmarks – each one selected for its originality, character, comfort, and history.



Work on your confidence in a relaxed setting with a tutor who is focusing on you.

Learn from your interests (based on your needs and goals).

Work on phonetics and pronunciation.

Integrate grammatical points during each session (according to your level). The grammar taught comes along with the context and is integrated directly in the conversation. It is a tool that will help you develop your thoughts at the moment.



Work on your confidence and multiply your conversation partners : it is absolutely necessary so that you don’t get used to the same phrases and structures of one person, your tutor. Each person expresses themselves differently and thanks to “French Live Conversation”, you can practice this. 

Apply what you’ve learned in your course. Here, there is no grammar.



Understand the ritual of the language (how to say "bonjour" and "au revoir" in context, which formulas of politeness to use, etc...)

Accept the idea that though there are formulas that you have learned, someone might introduce a new one to you. The ritual of exchange remains the same !

Train yourself to understand that information that you asked, rapidly selecting the necessary elements out of their speech.

Manage your stress at the moment of exchange.


Work on the phonetics and musicality of the language, which a bit more important on short exchanges than on long ones.

Zen French a pour objectif est de favoriser l'apprentissage du français et l'interculturalité à des personnes d'origine étrangère.