In the mood for something new ? 




With a professional French tutor, focus on speaking skills in my guest house or in tourists sites throughout the Périgord, Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion, Monbazillac, Sauternes... while learning the history and culture of France.


I specialize in spoken French (starting from the beginner level), because I have found that there are a number of students who, after studying French for a long time, feel frustrated that they aren’t able to express themselves easily. Language is, above all, a vehicle of self-expression, exchange and sharing.


Learning a language takes time and practice. But, you have to be patient, vary your methods of learning, and enjoy the process. 


A language can’t be truly understood or expressed between four walls, isolated from outside interactions. 


Conversations with the server, discussions with neighboring tables in a café and random interactions in the street are living resources that will get your ears used the sounds and patterns of spoken French. Hearing phrases over again will help you mimic them with the same vocabulary, body language and intonation. And visiting around the Dordogne after each session will offer up new types of interactions with merchants or passers-by. A language must live !  




Learning French you will discover many aspects of French culture such as French cinema, French history, music, literature, political life and the hot topics that are being debated today. We are also excited to discover your culture and discuss our differences and similarities.


You can choose to learn French :

- alone,

- with friends, 

- with your family.


My guest house can welcome one to six persons. And it is pet friendly !